Jane Bowdenleigh Therapies - Homeopathy/Bach Flowers - Energy therapies for the 21st century
How I work

n the first session and follow up appointment (4 weeks later) it is my aim to find out what makes you a unique individual.  The patterns of your life and your response to them provide insight to your vital essence.   I use a person centred approach to understand where your flow of life can become blocked leading to mental, emotional or physical symptoms.  Matching your unique pattern with the similar energy pattern of a homeopathic remedy is intended to stimulate your own vital energy to bring you improved health and balance.

At times it may be necessary to change the remedy as I gain a deeper understanding of your vital energy and process.  The work together can be an amazing journey that you choose to tread for as little or as long as feels right for you. I also use Bach Flower Remedies where appropriate.  My aim, to facilitate you to discover what you can do to help and support your own journey.

I am a licensed practitioner, having completed 4 years of training with the North West College of Homeopathy in 2003, and work to a clear code of ethics and practice.  I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner.
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